Fractured Fibula? Help ASAP please

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Hey. In my football game I went down. The football doc said it might be a fractured fibula. When I move my leg a certain way I feel a lil popping. I’m thinkin it might not be the fibula but might be a pulled tendon? I can walk on it with pain when pressure is applied. I can’t run on it at all though. I hurt it 2 nights ago. I am goin to get xrays soon so if any comments you have would be very helpful. Thanks for everything MARK


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    The popping may actually be the bone grinding…don’t do things that make it hurt!! It will not heal very well if you keep doing that. If it hurts to walk I would recommend that you use a cane or crutch to take some of the pressure off that leg. If you use one crutch or cane hold it in the opposite side of the fracture. Remember, if it’s a fractured fib, it takes 6-8 weeks for good healing to occur. If you smoke it can take longer. Good luck.


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    In Practice I fractured my fibula, but I did not know for 2 weeks, I played on it for the 2 weeks before I saw a doctor, I have sat out a month but I have to play, I was the starting QB and I need to get back ASAP, I am getting a pad, is there any way I can make it feel better?/Heal Faster?
    Thanks, Logan


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