bulging discs at 3-4-5-6 – constant pain…..

I live in Shanghai, China.
I recently finished the CT scan and MRI confirming that the discs between 3-4, 4-5, and 5-6 have moved to the rear and are pressing on the spinal cord, betweeen 5-6 is the worst. I have had neck/muscle/posture problems for the last four years and obviously it simply has worsened…… The doctors here said it is not “severe”, but definitely bad, hopefully I won’t need surgery, but maybe I will…….as I now have constant pain from the pressing of the disc on the spinal column….non surgical treatments they seem to focusing on are traction, electrotherapy, and or acupuncture, all to release, relax and expand the area so that hopefully the discs will move back off the spine…… problem/attitude is that I think a couple of chiropractors started this problem in the first place with aggressive moves without really knowing what was going on inside my spine….. So I’m concerned frankly that an adjustment at this point will further press the spinal cord rather than release and this is a dangerous situation….. I am open to any other ideas,treatment suggestions you have…. What about TENS electrotherapy for the pain???, etc… Kindest Regards, Mario


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