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hello doc ,on april 4 2012 I fell 20 feet to the concrete below and fractured both calcaneus bones I have 12 screws a hindge pin and 2 plates in one foot and 6 screws and a plat in the other. I am in constant pain when I am walking. although it is better now I still have a great deal of pain. I understand that there is like a water sack that is under the heal bone to help take the shock off of the bone when I walk on it it feels like I am walking bone to bone. here is the question is there anything I can do to help take the wieght of my ankles as much such as working the heals and ankle with wieghts or constant walking is there a exercise for this would appriciate any suggestions u may have

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    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    Silipos and Bauerfeind both make an excellent heel cup that I use frequently for heel problems.As far as stregthening your ankles, I really would need to examine you. Have you discussed this with your doctor or physical therapist?


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