calcification of the achillies tendon

my step mother have peripheral nueopathy and now has developed this calcification, she also has hypertension is borderline diabetic and is obese.
are there any natural substances she can take to relive the calcification??
she know she needs to lose weight, that would probably eleviate alot of her symptoms but this has been going on for years and she hasn’t lost any so thats apparently not an option right now.
any suggestion would be appreciated.

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    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    Many people have Achilles Insertion Calcific Tendinosis (AICT)Many people have calcification of the Achilles tendon and it does not hurt. We must be sure that is the problem and not just an incidental finding on an x-ray.Sometimes a heel lift helps, sometimes immobilization or physical therapy and sometimes surgery is indicated. Each patient must be evaluated on an individual basis. I can not suggest anything specific since I have not examined her. The ads you see are not mine, they belong to the site hoist. So if you purchase anything, you are on your own.


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