Can I send u a pic for opinion on this injury?

I have a hand/thumb injury. I’ve read about thumb injuries on several sites and know the basics now (level 1,2,3 – 3= surgery, etc.). I don’t have insurance so unless it’s an emergency, I don’t think I’ll be going to a doctor’s office for diagnosis or treatment. I practice martial arts and often attain injuries. This particular injury is at the base of my thumb and also the face of my palm near the base of my thumb. I injured it by getting it caught in my training partner’s gi (uniform) and yanked backwards at a weird angle. I can move my thumb a little, the range bieng about 1.5 inches at the tip without pain. In terms of grasping/pinching ability, I have very little, and can feel sharp pain if I attempt too much. Right after the injury, the face of my palm near the thumb got swollen to the point of freakish. I iced it as soon as I could. It’s been 24 hours since first injuring it and my palm is still very, very swollen, although it has gone down a little. The palm is sore and causes an unbearable sharp pain if I use too much hand strength in the wrong angle (which is nearly every angle). If I don’t move it, it doesn’t hurt. Has anyone ever come across this or have any ideas/opinions? I can send a jpeg (pic) of my injury to you. Thank you for your time. This is my first time here on this site/forum.

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    By the way, it is this level of swollenness that has me spooked. I have injured my other thumb in the past, dislocating it, breaking it, and also badly spraining it, and not once did the palm area swell up like this. Could it be torn muscle tissue? I don’t know, thanks again.


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