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numb foot

Hi my boyfriend is complaining about a numbness about 3 inches square on top of the arch on his right foot and a stiffness in the back of his knee. He is 6’3″ tall and has large, long feet -size 12-13. His socks are occasinally very tight. He wear out his heels on the outer side. I need to know what kind of a doctor he should see. We live in Mount Airy NC but we just movedhere and have no doctor yet. Thank you

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Rib head

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My friend has 2 rib heads out of socket.. What is a rib head?

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syatic nerve

i have lower back pain and pain inside of my leg nearmy groin. my right inner leg is numb and my toes tingle. I also get painfull burning pain down the inside of my right leg. will this go away? will thiscause any permanent nerve damage if I wait?

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Scheuermann’s Disease

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I am looking to find out if going to a chiropractor can help my 27 year old niece who has been diagnosed with Scheuermann’s disease.
She seems to rely on pain killers and I believe she is getting too dependant on them.
I wanted to know if anyone had good results from a chiropractor for this disease.

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Broken Xiphoid Process

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How can you damage your xiphoid process without ‘falling on it’? What are the risks involved in breaking the xiphoid?

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cracked rib

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I fell while running (56 years) have hot burning in my ribs, can’t sleep, very painful to turn over.
Is there any treatment for broken ribs, and how long does it take to heal. Any things to be careful of?

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Bulging disk, Scoliosis, pinched nerves

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I am 32yrs old.
I have had back problems since I was 12. I was recently diagnosed with MRI and other test that I have a bulging disk in my neck, and two others beginning to pucker (as the doctor called it) in my lower back where I also have the presence of scoliosis (diagnosed at 9yrs of age) I was basically told there is nothing I can do outside of surgery (disk decompression) When the disk are irritated, inflamed or what ever is going on, it causes severe numbness in my left arm, the bone seems to be throbbing…and I can hardly hold anything(I am left handed so this is major handicap) Is there anything I can do that would aleviate the discomfort and help to speed up the recovery process?

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cyatic nerve

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I drive a bus for elderly and handicapped people. Recently, I’ve had a pain in my lower right hip and it goes down my right leg.
Is there any exercises I can do, should I go to a chiropractor? Any help would be appreciated.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of a Chiropractor

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Hello. I’m going to keep it short and sweet.
What is the advantages and disadvantages of being a Chiropractor?

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Hi, I am wondering whether popping your joints is good or bad?
I pop my knuckles and ankles all the time, and I just started popping my back.
Some people say that if you pop your joints, you will have problems when your older.
Is this true?
Will you get arthritis? Thank you to those who reply.

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