Ciatica Pain in Tail Bone

I am 72 year old who has had trouble lately wakeing up and has pain radiateing in my right or left rump. I feel like it is the Ciatica Nerve and wondered if their is something I can do to help aleviate this pain. I sleep on my right side and the pain developes in my right side of my rump. I change positions to my left side and it starts on that side also. I feel like there should be something that I am doing that may cause this. Also rideing in a car for long periods of time will cause this . I work and sit all day long and try to remember to get up and walk around about every two hours. Is their a condition and treatment for this or do I have to chalk it up to old age and live with it. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

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    Hello, I had a problem last October that sounds like the one you are experiencing now. I assumed it was siatica? spelling. I prefer to use alternative methods whenever possible. My successful apporach was to stretch the muscle at the base of the spine. I placed the heel of my foot on a kitchen chair and pushed down with my hand on the upper thigh, over and over and over. It worked that was over a year ago and the problem has not returned. Try it, it may work for you too.


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