Cruciate ligament…………need advise…..please help

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I tore my cruciate ligaments while playin soccer…….that was 1 and half years ago….Despite doin MRI which revealed i tore my cruciate ligaments…..i didnt do surgery….Feared that i might get some infection….
So all these while I hav been strengtening my knee and still being able2 play football…But I have2 be very cautions playin……occasionally i do get some discomfort from my knee

What you ppl think??Should i go operate it???Is there a high chace that i’ll cure my knee???Is there any chance of infection??
Thanks for ya time…..really appriciate it


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    I completely blew out my ACL and had the patellar tendon graft reconstruction. That was a few years ago, and my knee is very stable now. You do want to be careful the first several months after the reconstruction (avoid pivoting for sure). You may have to use a brace if your Dr prescribes it. One thing to know about is that a nerve may be severed during the surgery that may possibly result in numbness in the leg below the knee. You’ll get used to it.


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    I had the operation done about 3 weeks ago and can tell you that the risk of infections is nowadays not a real problem. None of the people with that kind of injury I have heard of had problems with infections.
    I waited about 10 years to get it fixed. I went through a lot of pain after the operation but now its fine. I will have to wait about 6 months before I can play soccer again (or anyother temasport)but thats worth it. If you cant playing football as you used to–I would have it done. But it will always be an operated knee……it will never be the same. Youll have to take care of it for the rest of your life…..but I wasnt able to walk normally….

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