cyatic nerve right above the sensoredocks

To whom it may concern:I have had this cyatic nerve thing going on about a year now due to falling through a rotted deck, where I was renting.
I am over it I can’t sit, stand, lay down. work due anything please tell me are there any Doctors that repair or due surgery to fix this pain in my sensored, legs, and tailbone cause that is where it all starts to begin with. Every day, day in and day out I am way to young to be hurting this bad. Thank you for taking the time to read and respond to this. God Bless you

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    I treat people with sciatic pain everyday in my office. Yes, a chiropractor can probably help but you would have to have a complete examination before that can truly be determined.And since you are on the chiropractic board I will tell you that chiropractors do not do surgery and that most back surgeries do not work. It should absolutely be your last resort.


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