i injured my elbow boxing I missed the punch and my arm extended all the way and it started hurting how long should I wait before I box it also happened a month ago what do I do? what can a doctor do for me I want to keep boxing how can I prevent another injury how long will it keep buging me I feel a sharp pain now sometimes esspecially when I miss a punch. is it hyperextended is it joint musle or nerve damage ps. the o in 4o9 on my email is a letter o

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    i injured my elbow after missing a punch when I was boxing. now it has been about a month and my elbow still hurts. it hurt when I bench press or basically any movement when I use my tricep, it also hurts when I do bicep curls because you still have to flex your tricep.basically I want to know if I should ice/head, how long and how many times a day. What exercises and stretches I can do to strengthen it and if I should take any anti-inflammatory medicineyour help is greatly appreciatedthanks for your time


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