Electrical Stimulation while pregnant

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I am currently 17 weeks pregnant and was referred to a local chiropractor for low back pain that began approximately 3 weeks ago. I have been going at least twice weekly for adjustments and therapy. I am now very concerned and nervous because at my visits they have been performing ultrasound and using electrical stimulation on my lower back. Someone has recently mentioned to me that you aren’t supposed to have electrical stimulation while pregnant. Now I am very scared that this therpay may be harming my baby. Can you please tell me if this is safe while pregnant?



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    According to FDA guidelines, the safety of electrical devices for use during pregnancy has not been established. Although they use it in Europe all the time, in the US it is contraindicated as a precaution. Don’t worry, your baby will be fine. I would bring it to the attention of the doctor. Also, I would tell the doc not to use it. This chiropractor should have known better. Makes me wonder if he/she really knows what they’re doing. Therapeutic ultrasound is different than diagnostic ultrasound (looking at baby). It is fine for areas away from the abdomen when pregnant. In your case, the chiropractor is probably doing it over your back and therefore it is contraindicated. No US in this case. Good news is adjustments are fine.


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    Adding onto the prior concern, I’ve been seeing a chiropractor for 8 – 10 weeks for neck pain. I don’t have curvature in it. I’m 6 weeks pregnant and I’ve been up front with my dr. from the start and he assures me that I’m okay. I get adjusted in my upper back and neck. Then I have stim for 15 minutes on my upper back and neck. I also lie down on my back for this to have my head on a wedge. Is this okay?


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