Foot fracture-metatarsal

I recently fractured my metatarsal (as discovered by a doctor after getting an x-ray).
My crutches hurt a million and one times more than walking on my foot.
Is this really harmful towards the repair of the bone? I have bruises and cuts all over my arms and every morning I wake up with muscle pain in my arms.
But, if it is extremely harmful to walk on a broken foot, I guess I must use the crutches.
Please gett back ASAP. ThanksMeredith

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    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    You really ought to communicate this to your doctor who diagnosed the problem. I really have no way of knowing the degree of injury and potential for complications without seeing you and your X-rays. Your best bet is for you to call your doctor and convey your concerns to them. Good luck. Vivian A DPMGood luck


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