Foot injury

Hi guys. was walking back from the pub on saturday tripped and in avoiding falling over bent my foot further forwrd than its meant to go (at least i assume that what I did to it, might have bent/ bashed it some other way but I dont think so). Anyhow put some ice on it and it has been fine up until this evening when I had rugby training. It was fine running sprinting and passing but when we did scrums (I play loosehead prop) it started to hurt and continues to hurt quite a lot two hours after I got back from training. Pain is on the top of the foot, localised to a small area. foot hurts more if I bend it, (and more if I bend my toes under me rather than forwards). Area where it hurts is red and slightly swollen. Was wondering if I might have a stree fracture, anyone got any ideas and should I go to the doctors now or wait and see if it improves?

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    sorry I mean stress fracture!


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