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A year ago I hand lateral ankle ligament repair (crisman-snook procedure) without complications and a good recovery with return to sports (volleyball) in 4 months. I had no problems during volleyball. Then 2 weeks into softball season (8 months after surgery)I began physical therapy for worsening plantar fasciitis and posterior tibialis tendonitis with good resolution after a month of therapy. However, I persistantly have plantar foot pain (aching, pressure discomfort), 1st metatarsal phalangeal pain (sharp, gnawing,jabbing pain) and medial ankle pain (pinching, sharp pain). My dorsiflexion flexibility of the left ankle is greater than the right (the good foot) and plantarflexion is equal. Left and right eversion is equal and inversion is restricted with left foot secondary to surgery. The pain is intermittent throughout the day and worse when arising from prolonged rest (sitting or lying down)and walking or standing. I probally should see my primary care and then schedule to see a podiatrist, but I have just been putting it off thinking I can resolve this on my own but it only seems to be worsening.

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    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    You are correct, you probably need to have this checked out. If you can see the doctor who did your surgery that might be helpful.


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