formerly broken ankle

I sustained a broken ankle in a very bad car accident in 2014. I had a pin for about a year.
It did not return to its former flexibility and remained slightly larger than it was. My ankle has not given me any problems until now.
I am living in the mountains of North Carolina in a rustic setting.
The terrain is rough…hilly, gravel roads, tree roots on foot paths to maneuver, etc. I work with children…we climb hills go on walks and so on. I am having sever pain in my ankles often, causing me to limp at times.
Should I see my surgeon/doctor or will he just reccomend heat, massage,etc.?

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    hi amakiasu! its better for you to go to your doctor and ask for a referral to a physical therapist. Your just having the usual implication of having your foot immobile for sometime that cause your foot to be stiff and your foot and leg muscles to be weak also. Its better that your PT to check your foot and give you flexibility and strengthening exercises that can eliminate the pain that you feel and return to your previous life there.


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