Gout? pain on side of foot.

I have goat, about 5 months ago I had a very bad outbreak in my left foot following major surgery. My dr feels it may have left perminant damage. Now I have continues pain in my left foot but not in the ankle or toe where I normaly do with a gout outbreak and not near as bad. The pain is in the outside of the foot, roughly starting about two inches past the little toe and running almost to the heal. It feels more like its towards teh outside of the foot than in the joint. Its also slightly red in that area and warm to the touch. Thi shas been going on for about ten days now. I tale Allperinol each day as a preventative to gout utbreaks. Any ideas?? Thanks

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    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    It is my policy not to recommend any medical treatmetn for anyone I have not examined. I can suggest you might have a physical exam and complete blood work up. Your kidneys should be evaluated. Some patients with gout are overproducers (the majority) and some are under excretors.


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