Groin/Abductor injury

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Last football season around October time, I strained my groin on the right hand side. I didn’t stop playing but tended to use my left side more. Eventually it healed but straight away I hurt the left side but far worse.

I could be running for the ball straight with no pain and even change direction but as soon as I try to turn or kick the ball it hurts. Sometimes if I’m tackled akwardly the pain is so severe I couldn’t move for a few seconds.

I stopped playing eventually and visited a physio where I have had months of ultrasound and other stuff, even acupuncture. It felt better but not completly so I started playing football again but straight away the pain returned. I cannot cross my legs either side, I cannot kick a ball on my left side and if I move akwardly I am in severe excruciating pain.

The pain I believe although it’s so severe sometimes i’m not sure, comes from the top of my left thigh and even my right still aches a bit.

I’m not sure where to turn now, I’ve spent alot on physio and I still have the problem. I’m 34 years old and at the end of my footy career, I really don’t want to have to retire through injury.

Points of interest:

1) I can push my legs together without pain.
2) I cannot cross my legs
3) It’s more painful spreading my legs
4) I can run and sprint without pain.
5) I cannot kick properly with my left leg, I can pass with it but not full power.
6) I wake up in agony.

Any help would be much appreciated. I can’t retire just yet, I’d miss the game too much and I could never coach or manage.



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    both of your adductors are shortened due to the original injury on your right side. The pain in your left groin started as a result of overcompensating to protect the injury(that should have been treated immediately)on your right side. Now both sides are shortened and and full of scar tissue, and movement in or out is painful(you said its painful to cross your legs and to spread them).
    adductor injurys reguire treatment by a professional who will not only lengthen the muscles, but also remove a lot of scar tissue. When you find a massage therapist, try to set a treatment period(6 weeks for example)so you can have an end date in mind. also, 75% of your recovery will be determined by YOUR commitement to self help and lots of stretching
    lots of luck,
    floyd alsup, massage therapist


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    Having had a groin strain in the past, although not to the same degree as what your describing I found a simple heat treatment to be most effective.
    First a gentle 15-20 mins on a
    cross- trainer (manual setting)
    to warm up the muscle fibres, followed by…
    10 mins sauna
    5 mins stretching
    10 mins sauna
    5 mins stretching.
    Ask your instructor to show you some good stretches for your,
    Hip flexers
    Quads and
    Hope this is some use,
    take care and
    “simple but effective”


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