Have i fractured my leg??

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Playing football 5 weeks ago, i went in for a challenge and due to the dodgy pitch i dragged my foot sideways and it rolled outwards (can you imagine?). There was a very loud crack (my teammate heard it 20 yards away) cue instant pain. There was no swelling and only very faint bruising. The pain is located right at the bottom of my leg on the outside just above the ankle bone. I had an xray at hospital, however they xrayed the wrong side. Can x-rays see cracks through bone?

The pain has not subsided at all and it is is still tender to touch.

Walking aggrivates it considerably. I am at my wits end as all my hard work preseason is going to waste.

Should i have another xray?


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    Dear Paul

    Thanks for the reply, i visited my physio this morning and te ultrasound was painful in that area. She said that she cannot find any ligament damage, however my ankle is stiffer than the other one. I am going to get it re x-rayed this afternoon. Hope there is nothing sinister. She did say that if its bruised, then it could be like it for months.



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    ANDREW,it is more likely that you have ligament damage, there is a possibility that you may have what is known as an avulsion fracture which is where a small slither of bone is ripped of but remains attached to a ligament. you do need to have it re xrayed if they did the wrong side, and yes an xray will show up fractures,hope you are one of the lucky ones and end up with a bad sprain, you must not do any training for a couple of weeks at least. best wishes paul (qualified nurse /sports therapist)


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