Heel Pain, recent further developments

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About three months ago I started to develop severe heel pain in both feet. This was diagnosed as Planter Fasciitis. I saw a physiotherapist once a week for the first two-month period, nothing seemed to be helping. One day my middle toe on my right foot swelled up and it was so painful that I could put no weight on the ball of my foot. I went to am emergency clinic and he prescribed 5 days of anti-inflammatory. I felt great for those 5 days, but as soon as it ran out the pain was back with a vengeance, although not in my middle toe. Since the heel pain was still severe, I went to my family doctor and she started me on Bextra, a new prescription anti-inflammatory. I have been taking this for three weeks now. I was helping for the first week or so, but the pain is now back even though I continue to take the medication. About a week ago my toe swelled up again, the same toe. The first joint of the toe seems unaffected (the one closest to the tip) but the second and third are extremely painful, with most of the pain being localized to the underside of the last joint, where it meets the rest of my foot. The area under the joint on the top of and the bottom of the foot is also extremely swollen. I have been going to physio, taking the medication and icing and resting it religiously and it seems to be getting worse. What could be causing this? Could it be something more serious than just Planter fasciitis?


    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    You need to see a podiatrist. If you don’t get anywhere then I think a rheumatologist is a possibility.


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    one day in my back yard I was feeding the dog when I hit my acheles heel on the dogs nose.ever since my acheles has been hurting. and just today (september 10,2003) I was at collage and I fell I stained my ankle and now my heel hurts more than ever before what should I do.


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