How long is bruising/swelling supposed to last?

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I broke my fifth metatarsal bone (non-Jones) two weeks ago. The doctor put me in a hard boot and said to come back in five weeks. Although I am now able to put some weight on my foot, it is still quite bruised (all the way down the top of the foot and around the side) and swollen (including my toes). The skin is tight and hot to the touch.
Is this normal? I have been unable to find any estimates on the length of time for bruising/swelling dissipation.
Thank you for any information on healing times you might have.


    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    There is no exact time that can be given. The bruising will be proportional to many factors- age, health, extent of injury, level of activity etc. The amount of bruising you see on the skin is not an exact parallel to the bone healing. Patients all expect to hear the magic number 6 (weeks) but it varies based on- see the above


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    I ran into a door, yesterday and hit my nose my nose bruised staright away I placed ice on it and it went down a bit but then this morning the bruise is purple, I don’t know wheather its broken or not but how long wil the bruising last?


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