I injured my heel…HELP!

I injured my heel three days ago jumping from a height of about 4 feet.
As soon as I landed, I felt intense pain in my heel.
After about 10 minutes, the pain had subsided enough that I thought I was fine…until I tried to walk. OUCH!
I found that I could walk on my forefoot alright. As long as my heel doesn’t touch the ground I’m fine.
When I’m sitting, the pain is almost non-existent.
But when I try to put any pressure on my heel whatsoever, there is a sharp pain. Oh yeah, and my heel is also swollen a little.
It’s hard to tell on such a fatty area of the body, but compared to my uninjured heel, it is definitely bigger.
To add to my problem now, my leg and forefoot are starting to ache from this unnatural gait I am forced to walk.
I have done a lot of searches on the internet to try to diagnose this problem myself.
From what I’ve read, I believe I have either badly bruised my heel, or else I may have a minor fracture of the calcaneus.
So now my question.
If it is fractured and I don’t seek treatment for it, what are my chances of a complete recovery?
I don’t have insurance and I cannot afford the hospital bills right now.Any suggestions for me?
Thanks for your help.Sarah

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    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    Without examining you I can not say what you have. A possibility might be a fracture of the heel bone or calcaneus. Although you do not have insurance, I still recommend you see a podiatrist for x-rays and evaluation. You have to ask yourself if you are worth it. The same question might occur if your air conditioning went out or you needed a major repair on your car.


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