'Knee problems'

Can anyone help me ?.

I am 42 female and reasonably fit. I swim 3 times a week about 10,000m a week and compete, I do areobics once a week and most importantly I have recently discovered the joy of munro bagging. But it is the last sport which is causing me problems. On the descent back I am repeatedly bothered by intense pain on the outside of my knee, not the knee joint as I know it but the what appears to be the joint from the side. It only hurts on the outside and only occurs when the walk down is rocky and as I lift my knee to bend for the step down the pain occurs before i make contact with the ground. Going down is no problem when the ground is even no matter how steep and as soon as I get onto flat ground it goes. I have no pain on the ascent and that involves the same movement. I get no pain at aerobics which is high impact nor at swimming when I do all strokes.Only when i have to constantly step over stones and down the way!!!

Please can anyone help me – is all I need to do is the strengthen the muscles round the joint ??

I do intent to pay the doctor a visit but some input would be helpful as I have no idea what could be wrong and I dread to think I may have to curtail my pastime.


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    it sounds a bit like the IT band, the strains on the knee going down hill are much more than uphill and flat so this could be the reason. there is plenty of advise on this site but it is dificult to mend quickly.


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