“Numbness” on bottom of feet??

Recently I have been experiencing, what I can best describe as numbness on the bottom of my right foot around the area of the front of the foot (proxomal to the toes).
At first I kept on taking off my shoe because I thought that my sock was bunching up, but then I realized that it was my foot.
There is no pain involved and the sensation can be described as feeling like I’m walking on a bunched up sock in that part of my foot.
No swelling, no pain, no masses noted…any suggestions.
I do exercise a good deal (running and eliptical).
Thanks in advance.Barry

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    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    Of course you know the disclaimer… Since I haven’t examined you, I can only guess. What you are describing is often noted with a Morton’s neuroma. There are many factors that may influence the development such as the shoes one wears, activity, shape of the foot, weight etc.Generally this can be diagnosed easily with palpation and possibly a diagnostic ultrasound. Injections of cortisone, sclerosing with 4% alcohol, padding shoe changing and surgery if conservative measures fail.
    I recommend you see a podiatrist for further evaluation.


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