HeyAbout a month ago, when I stopped working out regularly, and gained some weight back, I started walking regularly and I noticed this bump on the back of my left foot. It was hard, or hardened. Then it got better after I got some more shoes, or so I thought. I got these booty socks with elastic, and then I quit wearing those recently. But the bump, hardness is back. (my left foot). Do you see it? Before I decide to go to the doctor and spend money when it could be something simple like a heel spur, I wanted someone to give me an idea. The pain is not all the time, just occasionally when walking or on my feet. My feet swells. It is in the back where the bump is. It doesn’t always hurt I figured it was because of my weight gain and starting back walking. What do you think? Just curious.Becky

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    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    Without seeing the foot, I can onlt guess. One thought is a retrocalcaneal bursitis which gets irritated by certain shoes. Another thought is a Haglund’s deformity.You could try putting a heel lift in your shoe so the back of the shoe hits at a different point.


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