pain in upper hamstring/sensoredocks

Hello, for about a month and a half, I’ve been dealing w/ this pain which seem to be getting worse. It seems like the onset was after I started doing lunges in exercize. At first I thought it was a pulled muscle, but it does not really feel like one now. It hurts at the base of my sensored/upper hamstring area. Does anyone know a good alternative for someone who has no med insurance to find out what this is and treatment?

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    I had not done enough warm up and it was cold and breezy. Decided to sprint and felt like something in my hamstring gave way. No bruise could be seen, no lump. Soon afetr I applied ice and took ibuprofen. A day later I am walking with a limp. When I turn my ankle outwards, it pains in the upper right of the hamstring. Don’t know what it is; can anyone help? what treatment I shoudl take? I am in the middle of Afghanistan and there are no spe***ed doctors arround.


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