Planter Facitis Surgery

I have had planter facitis and tendenitis in my achilles since July 2013. I have done all the conservative treatments in the past year and 10 months: icing, resting, stretching, inserts, cortisone, Anti flamitory medicine, physical therapy, ultrasound, night splints and many more.
And still I cannot walk with out pain.
So, I have decided to have the surgery in 2 weeks – May 6th. I am worried that I am making the right decision.
My Doctor says she has done everything she can.
And this is the only thing left to try.
I am just soooo ready to be active again.
What can I expect?
Do you know if most people are able to jog and lead an active life after surgery.
Or did they get worse or stay the same.
Please let me know what to expect in recovery and my life after surgery.

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    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    From the description you gave, it seems that conservative treatment has been quite comprehensive. As far as giving you an assurance of the result, I qualify what I tell my patients. No doctor can promise 100% success to all their patients. I feel that psychologically, the patient should understand the afterward and the length of time it takes. Having said that, it would be inappropriate to do surgery without the expectation that it would improve the patient’s situation. The purpose is to relieve pain and restore function. You should discuss this with your doctor and get whatever other information you need to make your decision. Good luck


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