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I have a shoulder injury that I have been trying to deal with for about a year – a supraspinatus tendinopathy. (In english – a swollen tendon caused by overuse, and in my case bad swimming stroke technique)

I have been seeing a physio at least once a week since September last year. I’ve seen a specialist sports doctor twice.

I thought I was dealing with it pretty well until about 2 months ago. I don’t think i’m getting any improvement at all but I wonder if it’s just in my head?

Motivation is a big issue for me at the moment. I’m a swimmer and I haven’t been allowed to swim for the last few months (the new season starts soon and I’m allowed to start kick training at least). Ever since I had to stop I’ve been promising myself I’d get into the gym so that I was at least doing some form of exercise – but I haven’t done it. I struggle to dredge up enough motivation to do the exercises I’m assigned, some days I just can’t be bothered so I don’t do them (which I know is very bad).

Has anyone else experienced this? How do you deal with it? What strategies/tricks are there for getting my mind past this block?


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    I am a major swimming fan and at the mo I am training for nationals. I have a shoulder problem called swimmer shoulder. I went to physio for it and was very scared to go back to swimming once we had it right. Now that I am training two times a week, the problem has come back. I had a talk to the physio and she said that I can keep swimming, but to only do one hard out training and to have a slow one e.g kick board, slow arm work. I have to push aside the fear I have out doing more damage and keep going. I would set yourself goals each week, if you cannot go swimming or the gym go for a walk or run This is not really working out your shoulder so it can have a rest. This was what I did to keep up fitness, while I was not aloud to swim and do things that you enjoy. there is no sence going to the gym if you do not like it. Hope this helps and good luck


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    I can give you a few motivation tips if you are interested in that. Sometimes it is so much easier to just lie around on the couch then it is to jump in the pool or whatever but you have to remember how good you feel after putting in a hard session. Basically, you just have to do it. Make arrangements so that you do go to the gym or the pool, like arrange to meet a friend there so that you have to show up.
    Also, it may help to have a goal that you want to achiever. Maybe it could be a race that you want to be fit for and do well in, or if you are not able to race yet, it could be a certain time that you are going for, even if it is for kicking and not swimming. Goals are very important.
    Hope this helps a bit.


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