4 weeks ago while riding my bike I wiped out and flew about 10-15 feet and landed on my side I am sure that I broke some ribs under my left breast they is a large bum extending and now am experinecing severe pains that shoot down the front and across my chest and my heart I do not have any insurance and this is different pain from when I first had the injury. Any movement that causes me to jerk misstep whatever brings this new pain. I can’t reach out real far bend over. Is this normal am getting scared that I may have punctured my lung(although I don’t have a hard time breathing sometimes when I speak or breath in it takes my breath away) am worried that something else is happening.

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    It sounds like you probably did break some ribs, but also, you need to be concerned about the pain that seems to wrap around your body. Rarely, but sometimes, that can signal that you have damage to you kidney. I would not worry about a punctured lung–my wife had one after a car accident, and breathing was an issue you could not look past. I know that no insurance stinks, but if that wrap around (aka flank) pain does not go away, you need to get in to see someone.


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