Still sore after fracture months ago

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Hello, maybe you can advice?
I fractured my big toe in late August, seemed to show the fracture re united about 6 weeks later. Now I am still getting that sharp pain in my big toe if I bend it under?
If I sit and relax and turn my toe under my foot and push the sharp pain is there, that type of pain that makes you let out a sudden yell.
This is the same if someone bumps my toe inwards or under. Any suggestions, last X-ray shows proximal phalanx (spelling might not be correct) was re united. Very mild swelling but hard to notice, toe is fine providing I continue to be careful.
Would appreciate any views
Thank you

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    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    If the interphalangeal joint cartilage was damaged, it might cause this pain. You should return to the doctor have discuss this.


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    If this is the case then what treatment is normally provided? The toe has been swollen since the injury yet its gone down a bit. I will see my doctor within the next week and speak to them about this however I would like to get as much information as possible first, our Doctors are not the best with foot problems (thank goodness for your site) and our Podiatrist cost a small fortune so the information helps first
    Thank you so much for all your advice

    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    A MRI might also be helpful to see if the joint is damaged, then it might be necessary to fuse it surgically. I am not sure how podiatry works in Australia. o they do surgery? If not, then an orthopedist would be the specialist to see.


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