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10 weeks post Ankle Sprain


Hi I am sure you remember me by now, anyway I sprained my left ankle with ATFL/CFL involvement, with it not healing in the last 9-10 weeks I have had an MRI that rules everything out other than the the sprain. I am now in a non weightbearing short cast after having been in a tie up ankle brace I think it was an ASO Brace 2 weeks post sprain, then I went into a pneumatic walking boot about 3 weeks ago and just yesterday was put in the NWBC (short). It’s a workers comp imjury and I cannot see another doctor, I am very frustrated with this. Is it abnormal for it to take 10 weeks for a grade 3 sprain??? My doctor says he cannot do anything surgical and that if this doesn’t work he will do an injection. Would that be a cortisone shot??
I have asked him many questions and I never seem to get the same answer.
I know you are limited in how you can help, but I thought I would try as I am reaching my breaking point quickly!
Thanks againKristie


  1. Well, I have seen the doctor today and I am out of the NWBC and back in what I think is an ASO brace and the fracture boot when pain becomes too much. Looks like I will be have arthoscopic surgey within the next week or two

  2. kristie,lateral ankle sprains can lead into many other conditions. if you are doing your research online search for subjects such as subtalar jt instability, sinus tarsi syndrome, osteochondral defects. many times damage has been done to other areas of the rearfoot, which are easily missed and many tmes misdiagnosed. Injections, which i would assume would be of a local anesthetic, would be to localize where your pain is actually coming from. Diagnostic injections are used often to rule out suspected ares of involvment. Without your history and physical i am unable to advise of what treatment would be best. A second opinion is always a good thing to get, esp for a surgical case. Please keep me updated on where this goes.