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Broken Ankle- Cardio


I recently broke my ankle and I don’t want to lose my cardiovascular fitness. What can I do while my leg heals? Are there any upper body only cardio activities? I have a Gold’s Gym membership so I have acess to all kind of equipment. I’m currently using diet and exercise to control my hypertension so I think it is really important to do as much as I can while I’m injured. Thanks for any help you can give!!


  1. i broke my ankle 3 months ago but after they took the cast out im still feelpain and my ankle is very swalling, what can i do??

    • I’m having the same problem. I broke mine the 1st of august…it’s still messed up! Now the docs are telling me that if I don’t improve over the next 4 weeks in PT then I’ll need surgery to repair a torn ligament. Have you had an MRI to check your liagments? They didn’t know mine were so badly messed up until after I had the MRI. Good Luck!

  2. The Gold’s in my town has an upper body ergometer…basically a bike for your arms. That will get your heart rate going! Also, do upper body machines with light weights and high reps to also get your heart pumping.Good Luck,M. Scott PT