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Dent in quad muscle


Hello,I have noticed a sizeable dent in my quad muscle. Can you tell me what has caused this and is there any need for concern?Thank you

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  1. I have the same problem and noticed it about a month ago. I don’t have any pain. I have no idea what has caused this and would love to find out what the outcome was for all of you.

  2. Hi I could not really find any article about ” dent in leg muscle” is there a cure for those dent with no injuri cause of it?Thanks

  3. Count me into this club, too! Mine: Right thigh, discovered a few weeks ago as I was shaving more often for summer. It freaks me out. I have to wonder if it has anything to do with these benign cysts my family has. I recently had one removed from my breast on the same side of my body. Also, I’ve been on 2000 ius of vitamin D a day.

    • I noticed the dent in my quad muscle two weeks ago. It runs horizontal an its cleary visible and the areas around it is now starting to become sensitive.I went to the Dr and she did a sonar and it reveald no muscle or tissue damage. What is causing this dent and how can I get rid of it?

  4. I couldn’t find Anything I lean against. But, as I was reading the posts I realized my laptop is on the dents of both legs. Coincident? I am lead to wonder.

  5. Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought about leaning against counters as a cause of the dent in my quad. But, it does fit perfectly with the edge of the table that I stand in front of everyday. My computer is up on a shelf on this desk because sitting hurts my back and hips. I thought running was causing my right quad to become weak and that it was related to the dent in my quad. Maybe it’s the desk! I will try not leaning against it for awhile. Wondering if it causes the limping in my right leg too (when I run)?

  6. As everyone has said, weird, I have the same thing. I had it massaged by a therapist and she just thinks it is a pulled muscle. I have been rolling it out with a foam roller. It hurts like hell but I think it has gone down/away some. Maybe I’m nuts but it seems to work so far.

  7. Hi Everyone,Turns out what I thought was something completely unique already has a club full of people! Judging from everyone’s posts, there is an overwhelming number of us do a lot of leaning! I suspected that a couple weeks ago, but brushed it off as I thought it was a ludicrous idea…However, after seeing similar patterns in all of you, it’s kinda undeniable! I have bad eyesight so I’m always leaning over the bathroom counter to brush my teeth/ wash my face/ put on makeup, etc, and sure enough, the edge of the counter fits perfectly in my quad dents.I suppose it makes sense though; women who wore corsets eventually shaped their waists to be much smaller than was biologically normal, even after their corsets were off!To the ones suggesting biking or exercises to help the dent “pop” back out from underlying muscle, I can tell you this probably won’t work…I do a ton of biking as well as a fair bit of running and weight training, and my quads are still dented! However, I remember the first time I noticed this was a few years ago, and then it kind of disappeared and I didn’t know why but now looking back I realized that in university, my apartment had one of those free-standing sinks below the mirror so I didn’t do any leaning! Sure enough, they returned when I graduated and moved back home where my bathroom has a counter which I lean on like it’s going out of style…Anyway, as I recall, it only took under 8 weeks or so to return to normal…provided you’re not doing any leaning! So I’m gonna try and be really aware of it now and stop leaning and see if these things go away.So I think we’ve solved it Good luck to all of you…I bet you all have great legs anyway 😉

  8. I also cannot quite believe finding so many people with the same weird problem. My husband is a doctor and when I showed him this site he was simply astounded!My dent is also about 3 inches by 1 inch, and thanks to input from others, I checked out that it also lines up perfectly with where I lean against the bathroom bench. I am going to put a reminder note in my diary for three months time, and avoid leaning against the bench in the meantime.Thanks to all who have posted notes on this site – it is very helpful to know I am not the only one wearing a ‘dent’, and that there is something I can do which may help.

  9. I can’t believe i googled “dent in quad muscle” and found this site. me too, you guys. same dent, same place. and i definitely lean on that spot everyday. i just didn’t think it was possible.

  10. This is nuts isn’t it? I also have a dent – left (outterish) thigh about 1/3 of the way down from hip. Just appeared a few weeks ago. My husband and I are workout nuts and we both were certain the muscle was just “balled up” tense. No pain AT FIRST! After one week I started feeling a weird pressure/tightness there, then a slight ache. I chose to ignore and proceeded working out like a crazy person hoping it would work the knot out. Rather, it then felt like a second grade strain so I went ahead with the RICE (rest,ice,compression,elevation)thing. After five days hobbling around and confined to RICE – no improvement at all, I started to panic. At this point I was starting to think it was some kind of soft tissue sarcoma, and of course all internet research did was made me panic more. So I went to my doctor and he checked my reflexes (good), checked for swelling (none – just a dent), asked about numbness and tingling (none). He assured me there was no tumor. He instructed me to stretch the muscle as often as possible no matter how much it hurt. Also to do strengthening excercises – leg extensions with a weight – as many as I can. Apparently my left quad is quite weak compared to my right and an injury may have seperated the muscle causing it to ball up and cause a dent. To my surprise, the stretches which hurt something ferocious at first, help so much with the pain. After stretches my leg feels almost it old self. I still have the hideous dent and slight pressure, but it feels stronger. Anyway, I’m here to basically say, looks like there is a lot of us out there with this dent and although it is really weird and looks creepy, thankfully none of us have anything horribly wrong with us. I hope all of our dents pop back out to normal soon, but even if mine doesn’t, I’m just glad to have found this assurance that it’s just a strange muscle anamoly and not anything much worse.

  11. Hi! I discovered my dent yesterday when putting on sunscreen, same location, same dimension,… Man, was I glad to read there are others like me, as I couldn’t figure out what this was. Now that I read some of your posts I figured I got this from leaning against my son’s change table! Nothing else fits (literally). So, thanks!

  12. Same problem, same location, no pain.Possible solution:1- avoidance of leaning on the counter2- massage3- bicyclewill let you know how it works out.

  13. WOW! It’s good to know I’m not alone..I have the same dent, same location, no pain. This is so disturbing. It does fit right into the bathroom counter side, but could that really be it? Does anyone have a solution? Please post if you do..

  14. I also have a dent. I noticed mine about 6 mos. ago. It’s about 3″ wide and 1″ high, in the middle of my left thigh, slightly tender when pushed (like a bruise) and not discolored. I asked my Doc and he had no idea. He said to let him know if it changes. I have tried to think if I lean into anything or could have injured it, but I come up with nothing. I do feel so much better knowing I’m not alone.

  15. I am so curious! My dent just developed the last two weeks. No pain, no discoloration, but very serious dent on right quad. I am a teacher spend lots of time on my feet. I’m going to see if I have a habit of leaning against desks and try to avoid the behavior. If the dent clears up, I’ll let you know. Strange!

  16. I am so floored that I just found this website, because I just typed in “dent in muscle” because I too have a dent in my quad! haha, It has been there for about a month, and I have no idea how it happened, just started noticing it. It is discolored and is not painful. I have been discussing it with my mother, and finally decided to look it on the internet, and I can’t believe i found all these other people that have dents in their legs. Is there any medical reason? I would like to know how i could help it go away or the cause of it. Thanks.

    • Whoa! I was hoping I had some sort of awesome muscle definition from playing softball and practicing yoga all summer/fall but looks like it’s probably from sitting “indian style” in an armed chair at work. I have a dent in both quads in the same place and have been wondering why since they don’t seem to line up with any anatomy photos I’ve seen. It does seem strange that the muscle would just mold itself around the shape of the chair or counter as others have noticed. I don’t know if I’m cinvinced but it’s good to know others are wondering the same thing.

  17. This is so strange! I’m relieved to have found this many other people with the ‘quad-dent’! I just noticed a dent in my muscle about 2 weeks ago. It is a few inches below my right hip on my outer thigh. Anyone just looking at my leg wouldn’t be able to see it, but there is a very noticeable dent -or bump- when you feel it. I work out a lot but muscles on your leg don’t run horizontal so it’s been freaking me out. I just moved into my apartment about 4 weeks ago. In the bathroom we have a mirror right above the sink, and a mirror on the wall to the left… which is the mirror that I always use…This means that I am always leaning up against the sink with my right leg- I checked and it is a perfect fit! I haven’t been leaning up againt the sink for a few days now- nothing has changed yet. It seems so strange to me that something as simple as that could dent your muscle- that’s why I’m still looking this up on the internet! I’m glad that I found this site & curious to know what else anyone finds out…

    • I have the dent in the thigh thing going on also. Now after finding these posts and looking at the chair I sit in the most, the armrest fits perfectly into my dent. I lean on that armrest all the time when sitting in that chair… So we’ll see if just avoiding leaning against the armrest will clear this up eventually.

  18. I have dent in my left mid-thigh I notice it about 4 months ago. It ache when I climb stars. It appears to be pulling my muscle from my knee.Please let know what you think. I went to my Dr. yesterday and he did not what it was . around the area of the dent I am losing my color.

  19. I developed the same dent 6 weeks ago. No injury, though I had been increasing the bike riding some. I had mild kneecap soreness prior. My working diagnosis is a partial tear of the quad muscle secondary to tendonitis verswus vastus lateral tear. I have some problem with peripheral nerve damage, and that may be a culprit. The right one is doing the same now, and a new small dent is forming. If the dent is ontraction of the muscles after a tear, the dent will be permanent….get used to it.

  20. I have a dent in my upper left thigh muscle. 3 inches long 2 wide. My Dr. had no clue what it was and referred me to an orthopedic spesensoredt. I have an appt. on July 29th. I submitted a question to a Dr. on another internet site and he said it could be isolated muscle atrophy cause by nerve irritation. He didn’t say if it was permanent, or if there was anything I could do for it. Has anyone else heard anything from a Dr?

  21. this is so odd that I even found a site like this.Unlike you all, my dent is on my shin to calf,about 4 inches above my ankle on the lateral(outside) of my left leg. It runs horizontal approx, 3 inches and is about 1 inch wide. I just noticed it less than a week ago. I have had no injury in that area but I am on my feet alot and put on a lot of “miles” at my job. But why just one leg? There is no pain but when I rub on it, it does start to ache a little. Most peculiar. Considering going to the Dr. just to be sure it isnt anything serious. Kinda freaking me out a bit and it looks weird.

  22. I have a real bad dent with a knot but I did get injured (kicked by my horse). The Drs. were more concerned with my finger (open fracture)so the leg didn’t really get looked at. Its been since January and the dent is still there but it doesn’t hurt unless I overdo it or press on the knot.

  23. I also have a dent! I first noticed it after a kickboxing class, I strained both quads during exercise but I only have a dent in my left leg. I noticed that everytime I sit in my computer chair the arm of the chair fits perfectly into the dent and think that this may really be the culprit.

  24. I recently discovered a similar dent in my left leg, a horizontal (when standing) one across the outer thigh. I was freaking out about it a bit and went searching on the internet for possible explanations. Someone mentioned discovering that their dent was exactly at a spot where they regularly leaned against a counter. I realized that I do lean a lot against the desks at work while standing and talking to fellow employees, so I decided to go to the office to check to see if my mysterious dent fit the desks. IT WAS A PERFECT FIT! The angle was exactly right, the height was right, the part of my leg that would most often press against the desk was right. Well this other person said that the dent cleared up after consciously avoiding leaning on the counter, so I will see if mine does too! I am very glad that this is all it is! So, I would suggest thinking about what you lean on and check the fit. I bet that you will find results similar to mine.

    • BTW: The other person’s dent only cleared up after over 3 months of avoidance of leaning on the counter. So don’t expect results in a very short time.

  25. I have a dent in my hip area that I just noticed last week.No pain now but I have had cortisone injections twice in the last 6 months for pain from a calcium deposit there.Wonder if that has anything to do with it? I was just going to call my doc for an appt to check it out.

  26. i also have this dent in my thigh and it is a few inches above my left knee. it runs sideways on my leg and it is absolutely driving me insane. i am a bit of a hypochondriac and it is freaking me out. i have had it about 6 months that i have noticed and i have showed it to my doctor several times and she has no real explanation for it. she thinks i have hit it on something and caused muscle atrophy but i believe if i had done that i would remember hitting it and i don’t. knowing other people have it helps but i would like to know why it is there and that it is nothing serious.

  27. I still have no idea and either does my doctor. I kind of just noticed it one day. I would think there must be some explanation…I am happy there are people responding here and hopefully one of us will find out. I don’t think it’s anything serious, just really weird.

  28. Did any of you find anything about this… or has the condition worsened? My husband is experiencing the same thing and he’s really annoying me about it. It doesn’t appear to be serious.

  29. Hi Anna – I too have noticed a dent has formed in my quadricep. First noticed it about a year ago. It doesn’t hurt and it hasn’t changed, so I have not done much about it. It’s nearly impossible to find a good search engine result for this on the web, unless I am looking in the wrong places! Anyway, have you come up with any good ideas? Thanks!Suzanna

  30. I have this same exact problem and was wondering if anyone knew what it might be. It doesn’t hurt and I’ve never had an injury of any kind on the muscle.

    • I am so happy to find others with this weird porblem! I noticed a dent in my left quad about 5 inches above my knee, 3inches long and and 1 inch wide. Found it while shaving my legs. There is no pain, but have been bike riding more than usual, and am currently in a show where I spend a lot of time down on my right knee. Am hoping its a strain and will try the deep tissue massage that someone suggested. Would love more information if anyone finds more.

  31. i just googled “muscle dents,” thinking that nothing could possibly come up. And here are your posts! I too have a dent, in my right quad, about 8″ above my knee (i’m 5’2″). and it’s about 3″ x 1″. doesn’t hurt…saw a sports doc and all he could offer was that it was not a herniated muscle fascia….and otherwise was completely clueless. Suggested i keep an eye on it and if it changes drastically, to have an MRI done. the X ray he did showed no deformity to my bone.

  32. I am so relieved! I too suffer from the mysterious dent. Mine is in my right leg about 3inches up from my knee on the far right side. My trainer told me it could be a deep tissue muscle cramp. I told her I don’t feel any pain. I went to a massage therapist who rubbed it and it killed with pain! Apparently I had a big knot that she is still working out. If anyone has any other ideas let me know. I am hoping the massage will work.

  33. Ok, is this an epidemic? I too have this ‘dent’ in both legs about 1/3 way down. No pain, no injury, just suddenly developed these twin dents. I had however, recently had a rapid weight loss prior to this development. Not due to ill health. I am slowly gaining weight at a healthy speed and wonder if i’m just ‘filling back in’? Any one else?

  34. I as well have noticed a dent in my quad and have no solutions to this yet. If anyone has info., I would be interested to hear. My dent is about half way up my quad, 3 inches long and 1 inch wide. It also causes no pain.

  35. I see this is an old thread, but I wanted to post in case anyone is following up on this or someone new along with the same problem.

    My debt is a complete straigh horizontal line across my right Quad. The muscle itself is intact and completely functional. Occasionally it feels tingly or itchy but no pain. I too have a habit of leaning against something with my right thigh for long periods of time. I believe the constant pressure destroyed the natural adipose tissue underneath the muscle. If I had less that 10% body fat, I’m sure I wouldn’t notice this because the muscles, would all be as low as this dent.

    I’m actually planning to have a mommy makeover soon, and have the plastic surgeon move some fatty tissue back under my muscle. I don’t know if this will make anyone feel better, but your dent is probably the least fatty part of your body lol

  36. Well, this is quite the post. I noticed a dent in my left quad and it freaked me out, then I realized it was caused by driving with me knee. I have a habit of steering my car with my knee if it’s a long straight road.

  37. Does anyone have a solution for it? Surely, it’s great it’s not something malignant, but i just wouldn’t like it there forever. Does it disappear by itself or should you do something to treat the area? I see almost everyone is writting about their case but not much ideas on how to do anything about it…thanks