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Is it my hamstring?


I started working out with a trainer a few months ago to loose weight( I currently am about 280), and noticed that when we would go walking I would hear a popping sound coming from my knee. As we continued and started to do some leg weights on a machine, there was pain. He told me it was just the weight and my age and to continue on. A few months have gone by now(I let the trainer go, I just felt that wasn’t right) but know I have some type of injury that I don’t understand. The back of my knee and the surrounding upper and lower areas hurt and stiffen. Ice makes it stiffen even more. If I sit too long it’s hard for me to stand up, and sometimes it feels as if there’s a band back there and on the side of my knee that tightens and twists for no reason(this hurts soooo badly). Please, anybody with any insight and/or suggestions, help me!!

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  1. i have similar pain, and, after several dr. visits and mri, have been told it is tendonitis in the hamstring? sounds odd, i know.anyway, i stretch more and just work thru the discomfort…orthopedic explained the difference between “hurt” and “harm”….”you’re not doing any harm, so it is a question of managing the hurt.”

  2. it could be a number of things why you are tight in that area, i would try a deep tissue massage in and around that area to see if there is another muscle making it tight