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knee pain


Just trying to educate myself before going to see my dr tomorrow…
I’ve been dealing with some knee pain since last Wed night…wondering if anyone might be able to wager a guess as to what it likely is? symptoms:*painful to extend the leg, or to do deep squatting*sharp, sometimes burning, sensation on what i assume is my tibia (medial side, right underneath knee area…probably not related to the knee pain)*knee often feels weak, or that it will give out*when standing, I get the sensation that the knee is filling up with “goo”…also feels like it is twisting on its own*pain ranges from mild to “oh my gosh, make it stop, please!!”…best feeling occurs after rest, ice and absolutely no use…worst when i try to walk around (parent of a preschooler, resting 24/7 is not an option) i’ve recently begun exercising on a treadmill (beginning early this month), so i am presuming that whatever this is is obviously a case of too much, too soon.
have done some reading online…wondering… does this sound like potentially a torn meniscus? stress fracture (referring to tibia pain)? tendinitis? What would be some classic symptoms to watch for? thank you for any info you can provide!


  1. hi. i have this pain in the side of my knee, and somtime on the top or te bottom of my knee cap and i do not know what is causing it. I am 13 years old and i play a number of sports like soccer,softball,volleyball,basketball,track and field and a few more. do you have any tips or anything that could help my pain? o do you have any ideas onm what is causing it?thank-you.amanda