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Not broken, torn or ruptued Plantar fascitus


Well, I went to the doctor and she said I have a torn Plantar Fascitus.
She told me to use crutches for 3 days to keep the weight of it.
But considering the pain I am in, and the swelling.
I wonder if this is even going to help.
I keep reading about other people in the same condition that use walking casts.
I will try it for 3 days, then I will go to someone that specializes in this type of injury.
Do you feel that my injury can be healed just with crutches.
And how did dropping somthing heavy(60 lbs) on top of my foot, cause the injury on the bottom?

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  1. Good question- I really would have a better answer if I was able to examine your foot. Ubtil you know more, you probably are better off remaining non weight bearing on crutches- I don’t know what the significance of 3 days is, but I agree that you should see a specialist.