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Patellofemoral syndrom


My doctor diagnosed me with having patellofemoral syndrom in my left knee. I found this out after i had my ACL replaced and a latteral release in that same knee about 6 months earlier. Is there anything that can be done for my knee to make the pain go away or to just fix it completely and is the syndrom connected with the operation?

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  1. My 12 yr. old daughter’s dance teacher had me take her to a physical therapist because she says she has Patellofemoral syndrome. The P.T. took xrays to rule out “anything serious” gave her a brace to wear and said she did not have to worry about excersizing it or p.t. Should I be worried about her dmaging her knee more? Should she be doing exercises? Her dance teacher gave her one exercise to do to help strengthen her inner thigh muscle. What do you think? Thanks, Linda Millard