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possible ACL and meniscu torn??


Hi, I hurt my knee when I ski last winter (I am the beginner so that I bent my knees so my ski in a v-shape as I down hill and I maintain that position for couple hours). I feel a lot of pressure and pain after that (cannot stand up). After couple months, I found myself cannot walk up stairs (very painful but walking is fine except going upstair). Later on, I put on the tiger palm on my knees and later I feel a lot of losen up inside my knees. But that cause even more problem later that I feel no strength at all on my knees (beside walking cannot walk up and down stair). Now, I hear popping sounds when I Kneel and cannot lift up my legs straight and hear some kinds of friction sounds inside the knee caps. Please tell me what could be wrong???


  1. hey, whats goin on, i jusdt got off the phone with my orthepedic doctor who read my mri for me. I have a torn miniscus, and it is my senior season at fullback for myself. ive put so much time into the program since last year, its helped come to a straight and narrow path which i really needed in my life. i need surgery the doctor said, but i looked up online and it said 12-16 weeks before u cna go back to heavy labor, which i assume football is under. is there any alternative, it dfosnt hurt all the time, only ocasionally, but very severe. let me know what u think i should do, any suggestions, comments thanks……….