clicking of one knee

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I feel no pain, but when I walk up stairs or do squat exercises, one knee clicks and grinds. I hear that it’s ACL injury. I don’t know how it happened, or how to make it stop. Am I making it worse by not treating it?

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    Hey I have had a knee injury for about a year now, and for the 7 months I’ve gone to physical therapy…and still continuing…I’ve learned that the clicking and grinding is somewhat normal.My knee grinds. What my orthopedic told me was that the grinding is when the lubrication your knee has on it, is on your knee or where ever too much, and it grinds. It’s normal. The clicking, I don’t know…mine click even when I am just walking.


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    I’m 52years old and have been active in volleyball as a player and coach for about 25 years. I was diagnosed as having OA in my right knee since 1996.I’ve been managing it pretty well since then without any sort of medication at all, and there’s been no discomfort…no swelling or pain as long as I don’t run or jump.Recently,however I notice a loud clicking sound from my right knee even at times when I walk;especially when I straighten the knee in my walk. There’s no pain but I sense there’s slight swelling at the end of the day before going to bed. What should or can I do to ease the situation.


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