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Problems in upper back / scapula.. what to do?


Hello, i am 18 years old and i used to do a lot of pull ups with added weight. I have stopped for 5 months now and i have a serious scapula problem. My scapula sticks out like in winged scapula, i get a really weird tingling sensation on the ends of my shoulderblades. It seems to hurt more in the evening and when my upper back is cold. I saw a lot of pics about winged scapula but mine doesnt seem as bad as them. I went to a chiropractor 3 times and he said it was a trapped nerve or something. My condition is getting worse, what should i do? Thanx for any info.


  1. I have recently recovered from a broken scapula. The Dr. had me extend my arm up a wall and lean into the wall to strengthen the muscles. That was about 2 weeks ago. What further exercises do you recommend to rebuild lost muscle tone and further reduce the pain in the shoulder joint?Thanks for your reply via e-mail if possible

  2. There is a muscle under the scapula that holds the scapula against the thorax, or body. It’s called the subscapularis. The tingling is indicitive of a pinched nerve. Sounds like you have either muscle or nerve damage. Can you go see a regular doc and maybe some sort of spesensoredt other than a chiro?

  3. how long does it take to heal torn muscle in my back this happend on 11/11/08 and it is not getting beter wat do i need to do and wat is the proses