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Quad tendon repair and recovery


The end of September, I ruptured the quad tendon while working out. Had surgery to repair the injusy. The leg is immobilized except for the time I work with physical therapy, AAROM is now at 70 degrees. I am wondering how long it will be before I can return to work. The problem is is because as I cook I am on my feet all day minumum of 8 hours. I’ve been told that I have to allow the leg to be weight bearing once the brace is removed. Also how long will complete recovery take for an injury like this.


  1. I had repair of quad tendon unsuccessfully. Next came allograft of tendon and another 6 weeks immobolized. I am in 2nd month of PT and improving very very slowly. How long should I expect this to last timewise. Why are steps such a problem?