compound fracture in my right femur

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Hey I am just looking for tips on how to get my leg moving more I can’t yet put weight on it because I broke it in four place and have a titanium rod in my leg.
I have very limited flexibility in my hip yet but my ankle is doing fine.
Still quite a bit of pain in my afflicted area but I do my designated physical therapy exercises laying down standing with the walker and in the pool for added flexibility with less weight on it. any advice on other things I could do to help get better quicker. About how long should my recovery time be?Following is a list of exercises I do every day three times a day (once on land twice in the pool).ankle pumps, ankle circles, Quad sets, short arc quads, straight leg raises(assisted by a sheet), heel slides, hip abduction, standing knee bends forward and backward, and hip extensions. Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks Greg


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    Hi Greg…patience grasshopper. These types of breaks take time to heal. When you are good and healed your physical therpist will do some more agressive stretching to get your mobility back. In the meantime, do your exercises as prescribed and just be patient and give your body a chance to heal…eat good foods, don’t smoke (this really reduces you healing time) and try to keep yourself occupied. Good luck, Mya PT


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    I have a rod in my right femur due to a compound fracture. My accident was three years ago. It took about 5 or 6 weeks to get where I could walk with a cane and another 4 or 5 weeks of therapy to get rid of the cane. I still have issues with the muscles because of all the scar tissue surrounding the place where the bone came though the muscles in the quad. I also have discomfort from bursitis where the rod was inserted in the hip but am other wise funtioning well. I know I am not a profressional but that has been my expierience.


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