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Re: Chest cracking


SOLUTIONSolution: After 5 months of being in pain, taking Relafen, Naprosyn, (plus one week on a steroid drug), not being able to sleep on my side, not being able to workout or carry anything at all, I can finally say with confidence that I am on my way to full recovery. I couldn’t be happier. What did I do?
I modified my diet, got plenty of rest, and made sure I took my vitamins daily.
The most important part of this is the modification of diet. Cut back on Protein intake, remove processed foods and sugar and ‘table’ salt as much as possible from diet, add fruit and carrot juice to diet.
I used to eat about 2 protein bars daily, a protein drink, plus 6oz of tuna fish daily.
My protein intake was about 3 times more than recommended for someone of my weight.
The problem is that eating too much protein can lead to over-acidity of the tissues which contributes to degenerative disorders.
Those darn free radicals are killing you slowly! I attribute joint pains and many more “diseases” to excess of free radicals in the body. You need to consume foods that will send out little soldiers that kill those free radicals..My typical diet.Breakfast: Oatmeal w/water, cinnammon, and maple syrup (I know I shouldn’t :-), no salt. 4oz Carrot or Mango juice (Naked brand). .Mid-morning snack: 1 banana.Lunch: Green peas, corn, 6oz tuna fish and Apple Cider Vinegar or a Gardenburger garden vegan burger patty (from Wholefoods) or brown rice and 6oz tuna fish 4oz Pomegranate & Grape Juice (Naked brand).
.Mid-afternoon: Kavli crackers and Kamut puffs cereal.Dinner: Nature’s Plus Spiru-Teen High Protein Energy meal (Non-GMO Strawberry flavor) in 4oz water and 5 or 6oz Silk soy milk. Kavli crackers and Kamut puffs cereal. Sometimes I have 4oz tuna fish also..Evening: Occassionly, I’ll have some Green Tea.
It really is good for you!.Water:50-70 oz of Distilled water throughout the day not with meals though.. Supplements:I also take 1 Glocosamine Chondroitin capsule 2 or 3 times a day. Each capsule contains 500mg of Glocosamine Hydrocloride, 400mg of Chondroitin Sulfate and 95mg of Sodium. Of course, I take 1 multi-vitamin capsule twice a day (activit brand) 1 garlic capsule a 500mg capsule of Calcium twice a day..Resources of interest: .Oxidative Stress – the Silent Inflammation!sensored:// Fruitssensored:// NUTRITION PLAN Fighting the Effects of Air and Food Pollution I hope you’ll find this information helpful. God bless!See my next post for some useful resources.


  1. right in the center of my chest it will crack ( sorta like cracking knuckles ) when i stretch in the morning or at all during the day and cannot figure it out why that is happening can u explain a little please ?