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Re: Chest cracking


AHHHHH, i have this TOO!!!! it started this past summer when i was waiting tables…i noticed my chest hurt….kinda sore….kinda tight….but i didn’t realize it needed to crack. i must have stretched sometime during the evening and POP….it instantly relieved the pain. what’s annoying is, cracking my sternum (or whatever it is) HURTS. the pain goes away, but until it does, it HURTS and i haven’t noticed it getting better of the course of the last 6 months…, you’re not alone but now i know not to bother my doctor about it….i’m sure nothing can be done :(allison

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  1. i have had chest cracking for about a year and a really bothers docter told me it hurts because i crack it and i crack it because it hurts.its a cycle im trying to break ,but it wont go away.the last thing i need is to get hooked on pain killers.mine is only getting disrupts my whole life!!!