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Re: lump in lower back


: I have a lump in my lower left side of my back i can feel it it is soft and i can move it around.
I went to the doctor and had an mri and they said they found nothing they thought it might be a bone and to go to physical therapy. does that sound right?? should i see another doctor?I have one too.
Was told not to worry if it is soft and moves around. Look up “lypoma” on google p.4 “all Nursing for Nurses. Lypoma is a ball of fat regardless of your weight.
I have several.
My father had some removed and he suffered from numbness and infection from the surgery.
Hope this helps!


  1. I have a lump on the left side of the back right over the sackrilliac joint.It really bothers me,I’m in constant pain from it.I can’t stand for long periods of time,or sit.When i do my laundry just from bending over by the end of the evening i can’t walk and I’m in extreme pain.

  2. I had these removed on both of my legs at the back of thighs in two separate operations. I could recover in 3 days and go about normally, but the second operation took longer to heal since the doctor did not stitch the open wounds. I have found two on my left hand one on lower left back. Probably these fat balls are harmless but certainly annoying. It all depends upon the good doctors whether to remove these without any hassle or make your life miserable for months with open bleeding wounds from operation.