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ripped my toenail


I hit my toe today, and the nail seperated from the nail bed.
I had an RN friend bandage it, and she said right now, it doesn’t look like it needs to be taken completely off. She said if it starts to turn black then she can lance it to let the blood drain.
She also said there’s a chance that it will re-attach. How long before I can tell if it’s going to re-attach?
I’m getting married in 78 days, and I want to be able to be comfortable in the shoes. If I do end up having to cut it off, how long before it grows back? Can I do anything to make it grow faster?


  1. i caught my nail on something also and it was detached mostly from the nailbed. my podiatrist 1.5 months later removed the nail from the nailbed. It’s been 2.5 months since the injry and it hasn’t regrown. How long does it usually take to start growing a new nail? Thanks!

  2. Once the nail is seperated from the bed it does not reattach. A new nail will grow out and push the old one off. Under normal circumstances it takes a year for a nail to grow from start to finish. When it has been damaged, it grows faster.If the nail is not swelling up or getting infected, leaving it on is probably ok. If there is a great deal of blood underneath, evacuating the hematoma is necessary. If the nail bed is lacerated, I usually remove the nail. Even if this happens, the nail beds dries out after a week or so. As far as making it grow faster, I do not know of anything reliable to do this. It will grow at the rate your body wants.

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