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Serious bicep pain


Hi,I have a question about tendonitis/bursitis and I hope you can help me.First off, background: I work behind a keyboard for 8 hours a day, then love to play videogames when I come home. At work, I slouch, so my biceps are used in typing because my wrists are raised as I type. Once a week, I play pretty strenuous basketball for two hours. I’ve been stupid in not stretching completely beforehand. I also don’t work out aside from the basketball. I’m of slim build, not overweight in any way shape or form.About three days ago I noticed serious pain on the inside of my left bicep. There is a slightly reddish streak running down the inside of the bicep and toward the inside of elbow joint. The streak of skin is also hot to the touch, but there is absolutely no swelling. When I move my arm in certain directions, the area of the bicep hurts pretty badly (sharp pain), as well as when I poke the muscle. Most of the day (including when I type) it doesn’t hurt at all. However, when I move the arm in certain directions, it hurts really really badly.Does this sound like tendonitis/bursitis? What should I do? Will ice help? Please get back to me as I’m seriously worried.HELP!!

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  1. i have the same problem except the red streak and the hot skin. i have taken to not using it as much as i can except about once a day try to do some stretches without hurting it too badly.i don’t know if it is working though, i just started it a few days ago.

  2. hey there i need to know what is wrong with my arms. Both of them hurt really bad in the inside of each arm. it hurts to move them and they constantly hurt. i’m not in a sport right now but i’m highly active in weight lifting only this isn’t a muscle pain that i’ve ever felt before i almost think its in my bone plz help me…..

  3. The inside of my left bicep, I have sharp pain several times a day. Lately I have had a constant pressure in that area and tingling in my fingers. Any Idea?I’m a 56 year old male and I do not do repetitive type work.Thanks

  4. WD,From what you describe, it sound like it is Cellulitis, a bacterial infection of the skin. The red streak, warmth, and pain are the key symptoms that most concern me, as they are all present with Cellulitis. I suggest you see your doctor ASAP. By the way, have you taken your temperature lately? Fever, even if low-grade, is another probably sign of Cellulitis, especially if combined with the signs described above. If it is Cellulitis, your doctor will prescribe antibiotics, and perhaps warm compresses. If it is something else, such as Tendonitis, or muscular strain, he will probably prescribe rest, ice, and perhaps anti-inflammatory medications. Please let us know the diagnosis. Good luck!