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Strained Bicep Tendon


Dear Sir, I reinjured my tendon, (just below the bicep inside the elbow pocket.), when a big kid slid into the back of my elbow as it was braced at the fair last year with my daughter. It never seems to completely heal. If I just yank my left arm straight that is enough to reinjure it for several weeks and it continues to remain weak.
What therapy can I utilize to restore it to complete health.
Thanks, Rick


  1. : I’ve been having this ongoing pain in my bicep muscle the past couple of days. I have continuously been working out at home for over a month now….I have weight training in school this year and I also lift weights for conditioning after school with my basketball team. I realized this pain one morning when I woke up. I can’t fully extend my arm out, pick up large/heavy objects, raise it too far above my head or even bounce a basketball. It hurts also when Im not moving it. I feel a throbbing in it now. I was just curious if I have strained my muscle or if it is just sore from over lifting. ( I havent lifted since i felt this pain..ha): Thanks so much, I would love to hear back from you asap…: Sincerly,: Malori