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Stretch for Sartorius muscle?


Have been doing merchandising work, and feeling muscles I haven’t felt in years. Lots of running, lifting, etc. What exercises can I do to strengthen my sartorius muscles? That’s one that my massage therapist noted was very very sore. Also, what could I be doing wrong in lifing to annoy it? I try to lift correctly!Part of my problem could be that I just dicovered my orthotics are maladjusted. I was hurting in all right side joints while wearing them (I’ve had them for quite a while, so it’s not break in problems). When I don’t wear them, I don’t have joint pain in every joint from my shoulder to my ankle.Thanks for suggestions on stretches!:)


  1. Several months ago, thru over zealous running, I sustained what I now realize was damage to the sartorius at the knee; I suspect tendon damage. I am not a therapist, but I will share what has worked for me. I also do Pilates, and found some of the leg rotation excercises would cause spasms the next day where itiserts at the hip. My answer is to do calf stretches, a hip stretch called the half pretzel, then the pretzel, see “Stretch and Strengthen” by Judy Alter, THE best book on stretching, and Quad stretches from the same book. I cannot say too much about her approach; it is quite honestly time consuming to follow, but well worth it. There are some things you should not rush. Learning from a video would not be the same. The best thing is acupressure specifically “Acupressure’s potent points – a guide to self care for common ailments ” by Michael Reed Gach. Do the ones for the knee, but also do the ones for the entire body. Do not try to focus only on where the problem appears to lie, but take a balanced approach. Your entire body needs pampering. As to lifting, I am happiest with Pilates as it only takes 20 minutes 3 times a week, and strengthens your core muscles which are most essential to stabiltity in lifting. Last, go out and walk every day, not power walk, speed walk, just walk, enjoy it, don’t make it a chore, then you will look forward to it. I hope this has helped. Try it; it works! Jim