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Toe cramps/numbness


When I run 4 miles, at about the 2 mile mark, my right two toes on the right foot cramp up and sometimes become painful.
I run on tar on the left side of the road so there is an incline to the left.
I just bought new Saucony running shoes with much more toe room.
These shoes seemed to improve things some, but, have not entirely cured the problem — however, I have only run in the new shoes once.
When I was running 3 miles, the problem started but then went away.
Now that I am at four miles, I have the cramps every time I run.
I’m worried that I may have to give up running.???


  1. I recommend you see a podiatrist. While I can not be 100% sure, your symptoms may be a neuroma. Certainly there are other possibilities, but an examination would be the best way to tell.