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Which is causing the pain


After having an MRI done on my left ankle, the following was the results.1. Hindfoot valgus defonity with attritional tear of the posterior tibailais tendon.2 Degenerative disease in the mid foot at the first navicular cuneiform joint in the second MMT joint.3. Ostechondral defect involving the postermedial talar dome measuring 3 x 6 mm.My questions1. Which one is causing the pain and swelling?2. They want to do surgery, on what?
Thank you


  1. Any one or all of these can be the cause of your pain. As far as wanting to do surgery, I recommend you write your questions down and ask your doctor to go over them with you. You should have a full understanding of what is to be done and the expectations post operatively. Then you can make the decision that is right for you. If you are still unsure, get another opinion.Good luck